17 January 2023 

New In Superfruit Town: An Introduction To Sea Buckthorn Berries And Their Uses

The tiny but mighty Sea Buckthorn explodes onto the scene to put an end to the perennial question about size and if it matters. Set to be the next new kid on the block in the superfood neighbourhood, the Sea Berry’s nutritional profile and exotic taste is predicted to cause some waves in the food and health industries.

Mentioning European cuisine usually conjures the image of smoked fish, potatoes, prawn salad sandwiches and plainly roasted or baked meats. Delicious, yes. Safe and comforting? Definitely. But nothing that sets the culinary adventurer’s soul aflame.

Enter the up-and-coming contender in the superfood arena - the sea buckthorn. Europe has yet another berry to introduce us to - the Sea Buckthorn, growing intensively along the coastlines of Northern Europe and the British Isles, These bright yellow or orange berries grow in great abundance, forming grape-like clusters along the shores, all the way through to Central Asia. As if their shockingly vivid colours aren’t striking enough, these berries pack a citrusy punch - all at once sweet yet tangy; while possessing an astringent flavour. Because of the latter, it is frequently used in palate-cleansing sorbets, cocktails and preserves. Some have described them as tasting like a “herby orange”.

Bringing the Goodness of Europe to the World

Romanian company Bio Catina Agricultural Cooperative, as a collective, wishes to share the goodness of this superfruit with the world. Every inch of their 250-hectare land is put to use cultivating these small, bright orange spheres, with strictly organic processes as certified by the SRAC CERT S.R.L., one of the top accreditation bodies in Romania. Its impressively high-yield farms produce berries that are ultimately cold-pressed into juices or dehydrated into powder form which can be conveniently added to a variety of sweet and savoury dishes for immunity-boosting properties.

The company is unshakeably resolute in bringing only the finest grade of Sea Buckthorn berries to the global table. It is their belief that first impressions matter the most and the sea berry’s introduction to the rest of the world should leave an unforgettable imprint on the consumer.

That is why Bio Catina ensures that every step of the process, from farm to table, is conducted with utmost care to preserve its organic status and nutritional value. How is this achieved? Every single Sea Berry farmer is certified in the cultivation and harvesting of organic produce. The processing facilities are also organic-certified and follow strict conditions. To maintain the berries’ freshness, their transportation and storage are governed by unbudging rules to ensure a consistent environment that safeguards the berries’ nutritional efficacy.

Nutritiously Unique Flavours

Mention the word 'berry', and one may think of a sweet, sticky flavour. Yet the sea buckthorn brings in contrast with its bold, tangy flavours that come hand-in-hand with a plethora of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, making it a powerful immunity booster, a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, and a valuable addition to beauty products.

This can come as a surprise, for despite their unassuming appearance that resembles miniature satsumas (each berry is roughly the size of a small blueberry), it is a heavyweight in terms of nutritional value. Each berry contains the same amount of vitamin C as an entire orange. In fact, immune-supporting Vitamin C in Sea Buckthorn is 10 times higher than in oranges. Often considered a ‘superfruit’, it is also chock full of vitamins A, C, K, and E. They also contain considerable amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, copper, and zinc.

Another impressive quality is the high levels of palmitoleic acid. This rare Omega-7 fatty acid is found in very few foods, making sea buckthorn a valuable source. Palmitoleic acid is known for its ability to support healthy skin and hair, as well as its potential benefits for cardiovascular health, skin issues and weight management.

In fact, the local food scene has already started seeing some of the aforementioned influence. To say that Singapore’s very own Chef (Dr) Heman Tan, Director of Culinary & Ops in the Xi Yan Singapore Group, is familiar with all things gastronomical would be an understatement. In April 2022, he was named by World Gourmet Academy (WGA) as the Western Cuisine Chef of the Year. Suffice to say, Chef Heman possesses a keen sense of complementary flavour pairings, the complexity of unlikely flavours when combined, and the way in which their unions are perfectly harmonious.

Chef Heman’s skills were out on full display during a recent live stream event where he showcased several dishes featuring the intriguing Sea Buckthorn berry. The one main that elicited audible groans of appreciation from the taste testers was the plump, carefully blackened sea scallop, lashed with drizzles of a sweetly tangy Sea Berry coulis. According to the chef, the opportunity to experiment with a new ingredient was already exciting; but for the ingredient to also be a superfruit with so many health-boosting benefits was “the cherry (or berry, if you will) on top”.

Not many superfoods can bounce so comfortably among healthy fast-casual bowls, boozy brunch cocktails, and decorate Michelin-starred menus while maintaining credibility in the beauty aisle. The way it looks, superfoods turmeric and açai berries have found themselves an opponent to be reckoned with.

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About European Organic Sea Buckthorn

A subsidiary under the Bio Catina Agricultural Cooperative, European Organic Sea Buckthorn is dedicated to bringing the best of European Sea Buckthorn berries to the rest of the world. Our products are made only from organically grown berries grown under the Carpathian sun, cold-pressed to preserve all the important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

All our plantations are organically certified with SRAC CERT SRL. We also follow sustainable farming practices that benefit our community and environment.


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